Rothbury Vinyl Fences



Welcome to the captivating world of Rothbury Vinyl Fences, where contemporary design meets timeless appeal. If you're looking to create a distinctive outdoor sanctuary that marries modern elegance with rustic charm, our Rothbury Vinyl Fences are the ideal choice to elevate your property's allure.

Inspired by the natural beauty of wood and the clean lines of modern architecture, our Rothbury Vinyl Fences offer a seamless fusion of styles. The result is a fence that stands as a work of art while effortlessly harmonizing with any landscape.

At Vinyl Fence Factory, we take pride in curating a collection of Rothbury Vinyl Fences that reflects the latest trends in outdoor design. With their textured finish and rich color options, these fences emulate the organic warmth of wood without the drawbacks of traditional wooden fences.

Crafted from premium vinyl materials, our Rothbury Vinyl Fences boast unmatched durability. Unlike wood, these fences are resistant to warping, rot, and pests, making them a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution for your outdoor haven.

Choose from various heights and styles to create a Rothbury Vinyl Fence that complements your home's architectural character. Whether you seek a contemporary look with horizontal slats or a more traditional design with vertical pickets, we offer the versatility to suit your preferences.

Rothbury Vinyl Fences are not only beautiful but also practical. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, they retain their splendor and structural integrity over time, requiring minimal upkeep to preserve their beauty.

Enhance your property with the rustic elegance of Rothbury Vinyl Fences. Infuse your outdoor space with a fence that exudes sophistication while blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Discover the beauty of Rothbury Vinyl Fences today. Embrace a fence that combines modern allure with rustic charm, adding a touch of personality to your home and creating an inviting ambiance for years to come.


1) What is a Rothbury vinyl fence, and what distinguishes it from other vinyl fence styles or designs?

A Rothbury vinyl fence is a style of vinyl fencing known for its solid privacy panels and a decorative lattice top. What sets it apart is the combination of privacy and aesthetic appeal, offering a balance between a solid fence for privacy and an elegant lattice accent for a decorative touch.

2) What are the key features and design characteristics of a Rothbury vinyl fence?

The key features of a Rothbury vinyl fence include:

Solid Privacy Panels

Rothbury vinyl fences consist of solid panels that provide privacy and seclusion to the enclosed area.

Lattice Accent

The lattice design at the top of the fence adds a decorative element, enhancing its visual appeal and distinguishing it from standard solid privacy fences. Versatile Styles and Heights: Rothbury vinyl fences are available in various heights and styles, allowing customization to suit specific preferences and property requirements.

3) Is a Rothbury vinyl fence suitable for both residential and commercial properties, and what are popular applications for each?

Yes, a Rothbury vinyl fence is suitable for both residential and commercial properties. Popular applications include:

Residential Properties

Rothbury vinyl fences are often used in residential settings to enclose backyard spaces, provide privacy, and add a decorative element to the property.

Commercial Properties

In commercial settings, Rothbury vinyl fences are employed for creating aesthetically pleasing enclosures, enhancing landscapes, and defining property perimeters for businesses or public areas.